Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's Talk About Old People

My best friend and roomate has this supreme weakness. It's actually a cute overload trifecta: bunnies, corgis, and I Love Lucy. As for me? I am partial to all things Hello Kitty, James Dean, and old couples.

Cute. Wrinkly. Poorly Dressed. Cane waving couples who have been married for eons!

My parents are my relationship role models. Their relationship survived countless military moves, the Vietnam War, my mother's sickness, and my father's Navy discipline. When my mother retired last year, she and my father joked that they had to "retrain" each other. After many years in the workforce, just how were they to survive as a married couple who had 24 hours to spend with each other?


They've been married for just about 45 years. Hellloo...they obviously have done something right. I've seen good times and bad with them but even still they have this friendship with each other that most couples would envy!

One of my favorite past times is people watching. For many women my age, the sight of cute little kids in awe of the world around them is enough to buckle their knees. When I see a couple who can't hear each other talk holding hands while they walk down the street, I giggle and squee.

That's what I want. Their endurance and disposition gives me hope for the future.

In an Asian culture, you are taught to persevere with dignity, class, and strength. Maybe thisi s the advantage my parents have. It's so easy, they always tell me, to leave whenever things get too hard. But when you take the time and have patience and humility, the rewards are so great.

Nothing against my sisters (I know they read...hi!), but I chose not to marry young. To me, there is so much more to life! And when I'm ready to settle down, I know it's because I've done everything on my own, made my own mistakes, and reaped my own rewards. At this time, I would love to share our adventures and storytell, not to each other, but our children.

In truth, I am already hardwired to be selfless and give my all to a special someone. I just want to make sure that my future husband shares the same spirit and zest for life as me.

After all, we need to give younger kids something to admire.

"Honey did I turn off the stove?"
"Heh? Did I go to the orange grove? Woman, I'm with you!"

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